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The Connected Utility


Accelerating the Pace of Innovation.

Working together, we connect utilities to transformational innovation and help them field-test ideas so that they can become production-ready faster. The goal is to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable generation and transportation electrification while also increasing worker safety, automating grid resiliency, and mitigating climate induced threats from wildfires and storms. By modernizing grid operations with a proven innovation process and use case library that leverages new technology from trusted partners, utilities can meet decarbonization goals faster.

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Innovating in the Energy Industry: PGE | Connected Utility Case Study.

With $1 Trillion dollars estimated to be spent by 2030 to avert climate disasters like wildfires and the need to balance distributed energy resources into virtual power plants, there is no innovation need more urgent than utilities.

Our 5 Step Process Simplifies Innovation.

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  • Problem Statement

    The first step is the most important in the innovation process. Organizations that can not clearly articulate the challenge statement have a lower probability of  successful completion.

  • Solution Framing

    Organizations how scale innovation, work closely with third party solution provider partners and include them in their innovation process. With a clear problem statement, more innovators can enter the sprint and drive successful outcomes and learnings.

  • Field Trial 

    For many hardware and software deployments, new ideas must be enter a field trial through a test lab or sandbox.  The importance is getting it into the field environment where it will be used and gaining day-in-the-life learnings from the users to truly understand how the technology is deploying. This is a learning opportunity for both solvers and challenge owners.

  • Business Case

    An analysis of the economic and business value drivers can be captured to determine any cost savings and revenue drivers that would help the organization make a decision if the new solution is better than their current-state method. This can be done quickly or even as a "swag" to help drive the decision in the final step.

  • Go / No-Go Decision

    Every use case sprint should end in a decision. This is an opportunity for executive champions and field trial users to share their feedback and agree on the impacts found in the business case. Every use is a learning opportunity, even if a "no" decision to deploy is mad.e

  • Rinse and Repeat

    After the decision is made, this is an opportunity to take the learnings and try something new or put an entirely new next use case through the process. 

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Everything Utilities Need to Innovate Faster.

The Connected Utility program comes with a use case library from technology partners and accelerators to help utilities stand up field trials in their service territory faster. These solution provider partners come from startups, accelerators and proven industry leaders ready to deliver utility-grade transformation that will:

  • Accelerate the adoption of clean energy
  • Rapidly enable transportation electrification
  • Increase worker safety
  • Improve grid resiliency
  • Prevent wildfires
  • Cybersecure grid operations
  • Balance the grid and low carbon generation technologies

Delivering Real Outcomes.

"By reducing complexity and showing employees and external industry partners how they can participate in our innovation process, we are delivering more transformational business outcomes."


Larry Bekkedahl, SVP Advanced Energy Delivery, Portland General Electric

"The Connected Utility program is automating the innovation process for utilities who must modernize their grids now to prevent wildfires, meet decarbonization goals and keep crews and customers safe."

Michael Anderson, CEO Expeto

"The Connected Utility program is fueling the transformation that will rapidly usher in a new energy future. By taking a field driven approach, utilities can rapidly create, test and deploy new technologies that will allow them to meet decarbonization goals faster."

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Kim Getgen, CEO InnovationForce

Trusted Partners

Innovating with a partner ecosystem means you can go faster and reduce the number of manhours a utility team spends in the innovation process. The Connected Utility leverages the power of this ecosystem and can design it to meet your specific use case needs. Here are just a few examples of our past and current partners.

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Ready to learn more?

Schedule a 30 minute meeting with us and we'll give you an overview of the program and share real-life examples from our use case library. Have a specific innovation challenge? We can help you think through it with a white-boarding session and use case examples. No problem is too big or small! Schedule your meeting and get the "force" behind your innovation program today!