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The Human Side of Innovation


Only 23% of Organizations Have Dedicated Innovation Resources

Getting your innovation program up and running can be challenging, especially when your key innovators also have a day job, with daily responsibilities.

Let InnovationForce help. We have innovation teams to strategically align and manage your innovation process. We can build cost-effectively augment your team with the technology capabilities to support your high priority use cases.

We Are Your Dedicated Innovation Managers

Innovation. It's all we do. We can provide the "know-how" because we manage innovation processes and run the use cases 24x7 - across multiple organizations, so its not our first time. We have the knowledge of "been there done that" and we share our lessons learned  so you can innovate more fearlessly. Plus, you'll love working with us, we have fun!

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Dedicated to Innovation and Your Business

  • Subject Matter Experts

    We have the SMEs for your project depending on the capabilities needed to support your use case library - on demand, when needed.

  • Innovation Know How

    We manage innovation processes 24x7, its what we do. You can lean on us if you can't dedicate a resource to innovation. 

  • Knowledge Transfer

    We will transfer our knowledge to your teams so that when you have dedicated resources, they get the best of the learnings and its a seamless transition.

  • Strategic Alignment

    First time putting together a standardized innovation program that needs to stretch across a siloed organization? We've been there. We can help with organizational structure and facilitated workshops to integrate it from the C-Suite to the frontline.

  • Network Effects

    Part of the secret of our success is the ability to help organizations stretch their innovation efforts outside their 4 walls. We will help you accelerate by bringing in a mix of best-of-breed industry partners and cutting edge startups from incubators and accelerators.

Innovation Starts with Culture 

Our 2022 innovation Trends Report Card found at most organizations, healthy cultures to support innovation was not the barrier - it was lack of investment in people, process and tools. Download the report to learn more today.