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Creative Agility: Action Your Way to Innovation

How can innovators speed up their innovation processes? Dr. Hill weighs in on creative agility, another pillar of effective innovation. The key focus here is that you cannot plan your way to innovation – eventually you have to act your way there.  

Understanding Creative Agility: Action-Oriented Innovation 

Innovative companies are steering away from extensive planning phases and embracing a culture that values experimentation, adaptability, and quick decision-making. Creative agility is the ability to take these faster and swifter actions toward a solution. 

The Power of Quantity in Creative Agility  

When iteration is used in the innovation process, innovators develop and test different options, learn from the outcomes, and try again - and, in many cases, again and again. The significance of numerous trials rather than irregular pilots stems from the understanding that each experiment, regardless of the outcome, contributes to a reservoir of insights with value and potential.  

InnovationForce Insights 

In our InnovationWorks platform, we create innovation processes allowing for creative agility, through the sharing of solutions to hundreds of utility-based challenges. Through creative agility, we help utilities push toward grid modernization and decarbonization with speed, adaptation, and efficiency.  


Want to learn more about how our InnovationWorks platform does this? Book a demo with us or email us at 


Join us next week as we explore how to foster creative resolution in your innovative team! 



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