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Welcome to the new way of innovating. It's time to throw out those spreadsheets because we have an easy way to digitize your innovation program and "Post It" notes with the InnovationWorks platform!

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The Modern Way to Innovate

InnovationWorks Platform



Ideate and Prioritize the Best Ideas


Assess Business



Easy Ecosystem Collaboration


Supports a Culture of Innovation


Measure and


A Cut Above the Rest



We wanted our platform to feel familiar to the social networking tools your employees are already using - whether Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram, we have embedded very intuitive ways to capture ideas and run them through a step-by-step workflow that will feel not only familiar but fun to use!


Workflow & Dashboards

You can't manage what you can't measure. It was important for us to provide transparency into the step by step workflow we've created so leadership can assess the value and results of their innovation performance. But most importantly, its so easy to use, our customers are making decisions 85% faster and shaving hundreds of days off their innovation process.


Easy to Collaborate

We've made it easy to collaborate! Innovators and their organizations can spin out public or private ecosystems that we call "Hangars". Its so easy we started one for our innovators in the energy industry. In just a few weeks we had over 500 challenges and solutions with hundreds of innovators participating.



Our co-founder, HBS professor Dr. Linda Hill has found that at the heart of successful innovation programs are three important KPIs that she calls:

  • Creative Abrasion

  • Creative Agility

  • Creative Resolution

Only InnovationForce has the 20 years of data at over 150 organizations that allows us to measure the "3 Cs" and show you the causal connection between performance and culture.

Reframing How the World Innovates, One Innovator at a Time

Scrollable Innovation

Quickly skim your use R&D plan, venture portfolio or use case library of ideas, test flights and learnings. Hundreds of ideas are captured for easy searching, sharing and archiving.

Innovation Democratized

By transitioning your innovation program to InnovationWorks you can easily collaborate and work together on ideas, whether in the ideation or execution stages. Because its so easy, anyone and everyone can innovate!

Transparent Innovation

With the transparent reporting of where Test Flights are in the workflow and how many days advancement is taking, you can meet your delivery commitments back to the organization.

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Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Lamé Verre, Head of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability at SSE Energy Solutions

“The InnovationForce Hangar is a clever way for the industry to come together, rapidly collaborate, share and take these learnings back to their respective utilities for field trials.” 

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Collective Genius

Schedule Your Demo!

Calling all innovators! Your flight is about to board and you are just a few clicks away from your innovation program taking flight!


Schedule an InnovationWorks demo with us and receive a free copy of Linda Hill's groundbreaking book Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation! 


Let us show you how quick and easy it can be to start innovating with InnovationWorks!

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