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Automated Workflows with Dashboard Reporting

IF Dashboard

53% Surveyed Did Not Have a Way to Measure Innovation

With global innovation and R&D spending exceeding $1.7 trillion dollars annually, we need to have better visibility and metrics into the daily tasks that make up our innovation programs. Imagine a global view of all use cases that could show not just financial metrics, but man-hours spent, team engagement and network effects. 

Innovation Hub

The number one concern we hear prior to kicking-off a "new" use case is - "didn't we try that one already?" So much of our innovation knowledge is tribal knowledge and it leaves the organization as our SMEs retire. What if you had one place to capture all learnings, searchable for future generations who may be ready to try that revisit a use case once technology advances or becomes more affordable?

Innovation Hub

Plus even more with our patent-pending platform

  • Innovation Workspace

    A place to create everything you need for a successful innovation program - from your mission statement to creating the templates you will use in the process! The ultimate innovation workbench!

  • Innovation Workflows

    33% surveyed lacked an innovation process. Our platform has an automated workflow that is easy to "rinse and repeat" multiple use cases or innovation journeys at the same time. No need for single threaded innovation. Create a use case factory with our automated workflows.

  • Network Effects

    In the innovation labs we manage, it is not unusual to work with 100 innovators or more, from many different companies. Having a purpose-built platform allows you to network with fellow innovators, stay in touch, message, synch calendars and securely share files.

  • More than a Dashboard

    The data we measure in the innovation process is looking for team engagement, psychological safety and the impact of your innovation programs across your innovator ecosystem. For the first time you can see and measure the human impact of innovation.

  • AI & Machine Learning

    As your organizations innovates, the platform becomes more intelligent and can help automate correct or signal a problem before they occur.

  • Innovator's Academy

    Imagine an Innovation Academy with best practices and user generated content around use cases or how to develop the best problem statement - at the academy there is a lot we can learn from each other.

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