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The Challenge



Innovation is Under Threat

The willingness of teams to collaborate around new ideas and the amount of time it takes to reach a decision are the two key factors that predict success or failure in the innovation process. This is a costly problem that jeopardizes an organization’s top line growth.


$1.7T was invested in innovation in 2021


53% of organizations have no way to measure innovation


67% frontline innovators unhappy with the tools they use today to innovate


$542M wasted in inefficient meetings

Innovation Doesn’t Happen in a Spreadsheet

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Only 6% of CEOs are satisfied with their organization’s innovation performance because there has been no reliable way to measure it.

InnovationForce is a SaaS platform that knows what to measure. We can show your organization’s time-to-decision and team engagement score to drive better performance. Our platform reduces “analysis/paralysis” and fosters team work to drive better outcomes.


How Innovation Takes Flight
From Idea to Arrival

What if measuring innovation was as easy as watching an air traffic control system of your ideas in-flight, in real-time? Now it can be. The InnovationForce SaaS platform provides dashboards that show where your ideas are as “test flights” in the innovation process – are they stuck on the runway or in danger of a mid-flight collision?

By creating a simple air traffic controls system, everyone in the enterprise can get involved and do their part to support test flights before they hit turbulence.

Our Solution

Industry Spotlight:
Helping Utilities Foster a Culture of Innovation to Attack Climate Change

With more than 10 million acres of wildfire burning annually in the US and the need to decarbonize faster, there is no industry in such urgent need of rapid innovation as the energy industry.

Learn how Portland General Electric accelerated use of new disruptive technologies to modernize their grid faster and target decarbonization mandates with InnovationForce.


For Our Innovation Superheroes on the Frontline

As an innovator, you have the courage to think differently and test bold new ideas. You want to solve the big problems, the ones that can move the needle for your organization or even the planet. You hole-punch. You experiment. You fail fast. But you have fewer resources and less time to drive innovation than ever before.

We get you. Our SaaS platform was built by innovation managers for the frontline innovation superheroes who need roadblocks removed to go faster. We have one mission: create the space where the world can come together to solve innovation challenges faster and where innovators working together can change the planet.


Industry Spotlight:
Linda Hill Joins InnovationForce to empower innovators focused on climate change

By empowering, scaling and democratizing innovation in the energy industry, we can help more frontline innovators address the severity of our global climate challenges much faster. We understood that to scale the genius of these innovators, it would take the power of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.”


Read the full press release here or watch Linda’s TedTalk video!

Join Us

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Join a Force for Good

Nothing great is created alone! By partnering, we can solve huge planetary innovation challenges and have an opportunity to be a force for good in everything we do:

  + The way we work   

  + The way we develop our products   

  + The way we deliver our service   

  + The way we impact the world   

Are you ready to make a difference and join us? We are always looking for strong talent in the SaaS product development space, feel free to email us your resume at

Our Team

Founders & Management Team

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Founder and CEO



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Co-Founder and CTO


Interim Chief Commercial &
Operations Officer


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Director, Managing Partner Paradox Strategies


Director, Managing Partner Paradox Strategies



Advisor, Associate Director Innovation + Growth, Datacom

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