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Innovation Doesn't Happen in a Spreadsheet

Ready to say goodbye to the old days of "Post It" notes and spreadsheets? Now you can.

Welcome to the modern world of innovating.


With our InnovationWorks platform you can create a beautiful digital record of your innovation portfolio that works intuitively like popular social networking tools such as Pinterest and LinkedIn. We've made it easy to share ideas within your entire innovation ecosystem. And, everything has been designed intentionally to support a culture ready to innovate anywhere, at anytime! 


Used by Successful Leaders of Innovation 

How Innovation Takes Flight
From Idea to Cash  


Innovation is a sales job. Idea's won't get off the ground without a good pitch. That's where a lot of good ideas get stuck and it's also where most innovation management platforms stop: ideation.

InnovationWorks completes the entire execution process, step-by-step, from "idea to cash," and guides innovators through a simple Air Traffic Control System for Innovation. Ideas start and are vetted in the hangar. Approved ideas become Test Flights that advance to the runway for cyber, legal and procurement review. When ready, test flights are cleared for take-off and in-flight testing is completed. All learnings are captured in our content management system so when a lane lands, it's ready for its final "Go/No-Go" decision with a business case.

Our Solution
InnovationWorks Hangar Stage


Ideate & Pitch

InnovationWorks Taxi-to-Runway Stage


Assess Business Risk

(cyber, legal, procurement)

InnovationWorks In Flight Stage


Test Flight & Capture Learnings

InnovationWorks Landed Stage


Uncover Value & Decide Go/No-Go

A Full End-to-End Workflow 

Industry Spotlight: The Hangar
Creating a Utility Ecosystem 
Accelerate Innovation to Attack Climate Change

With more than 10 million acres of wildfire burning annually in the US and the mandate to decarbonize faster, there is no industry in such urgent need of rapid innovation as the energy industry.

That's why InnovationForce started in the energy industry working with utilities and their suppliers to create an innovation ecosystem that accelerates innovation by up to 85% faster. 

Are you an innovator in the energy industry? Get started by joining us in the "Hangar" and gain access to over 500 challenges from colleagues - see what your peers are working on!


Jason Wild, Microsoft, and IBM

“We don't live in a world with a shortage of ideas. Rather the real challenge is going from the whiteboard to reality and executing on these challenges. The InnovationWorks platform drives a culture to execute ideas faster."

Innovation Spotlight:
Linda Hill Joins InnovationForce 

InnovationWorks is the only innovation management solution that measures culture based on the 20 years of research taught at Harvard Business School Professor by InnovationForce co-founder Dr. Linda Hill. Our CollectiveGenius AI engine leverages data from this research gathered at over 150 companies to show the causal connection between culture and innovation performance. 

Organizations using this data to benchmark their innovation programs are seeing an increase in decision time by up to 85%!

Ready to learn more? Check out our Innovation Best Practices video series with Linda Hill as she walks through the most important cultural KPIs the InnovationWorks tracks and measures.

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Our Team


Kim Getgen, CEO and Founder, InnovationForce

Founder & CEO

HBS professor Dr. Linda Hill and co-founder InnovationForce

Co-Founder & Founding Advisor
(non-active member of management team)

Tim Clark, Interim COO/CCO, InnovationForce

Interim Chief Commercial &
Operations Officer


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