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The Human Side of Innovation


Simply Innovate Faster 

 We bring the people, process and tools to accelerate and democratize the innovation process from the C-Suite to your front line innovation super heroes.

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Our Mission: Innovate for Good

We revolutionize the innovation journey from the inside out with our patent-pending approach, we simplify the complex transformational innovation the world needs today, to ensure a brighter future tomorrow.

At InnovationForce, our customers are innovation super heroes solving some of the world's most complex problems in energy, transportation manufacturing and defense. We help them eliminate the barriers and accelerate the innovation process to capture more value faster.


Download our 2022 Innovation Trends Report Card 

According to UNESCO, global spending on R&D reached a record high of $1.7 trillion dollars.

What do innovators really think about their organization's ability to support innovation? Download this 40 page report and hear what its like innovating from the front lines.


Only 23% of organizations surveyed dedicate resources to manage innovation. Our experts can manage your innovation process with our proven methodology just like a "badged" employee.



Only 38% of organizations surveyed use a proven process to drive repeatable innovation. Our proven process accelerates innovation in 5 simple and repeatable steps.



53% of organizations surveyed had no way to measure innovation. InnovationForce's patent-pending, purpose-built SaaS platform automates and measures innovation so you can report the results of your teams' efforts.


Become an Innovation Super Hero with the Force

The InnovationForce automated process breaks down internal and external silos to get innovators working together faster. By capturing real problems and unique “day-in-the-life” learnings in the innovator’s journey, we engage both sides of the innovation process to accelerate the business of executing. By driving network effects across your entire innovator ecosystem, you can innovate faster. Become an innovation super hero by scaling to meet your organization's needs more rapidly and cost-effectively.

Case Study:

The Connected Utility


Utilities require transformation (5G, AI, Cloud/Edge, etc.) to modernize their grid to meet aggressive carbon neutral goals, mitigate wildfires, and dynamically balance intermittent loads from EVs & renewables while also keeping workers safe and not disrupting service delivery to customers.


Working together, InnovationForce brings the people, process and tools together that  help utilities drive innovation and grid modernization faster.

CLICK HERE - Learn how we are automating grid modernization for utilities in this webcast replay!

Download our Connected Utility Case Study

There is no other industry vertical in such urgent need for innovation as the energy/utility sector. As part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), countries have pledged to substantially increase public and private R&D spending by 2030. Regulators in North America, the UK and Europe are asking energy providers to be 80% - 100% renewable as early as 2030. This will push $1 trillion of spending on grid modernization investments in the next decade within the US alone.

Learn how the utilities we work with are going from zero to 60 to meet decarbonization goals, fight wildfires and electrify everything - fast! 


Innovate Fearlessly with Our Use Case Library

We capture our learnings in our use case libraries so you can drive quick wins faster. Our innovator ecosystem works together to help scale learnings and accelerate results from lessons learned. 

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Use Case Examples

Wildfire Prevention / Mitigation

Vehicle Electrification


Grid Modernization & Resiliency

Virtual Power Plants & Microgrids

Use Case Examples

Work Crew Productivity & Safety

Video Surveillance

Customer Connectivity

Asset & Vegetation Management

Pipe Corrosion & Inspection

Technology Enablers

5G & IoT

Cloud/Edge Compute



Augmented Reality


"We call it ‘bring your own innovation’. You bring the ideas and problems you want to solve; we’ll manage the innovation process with our SaaS platform, proven methodology and use case library. Our goal is to break down silos, automate and measure the process and so you can efficiently optimize your team's performance and uncover the day-in-the-life learnings that bring your ideas into production faster."

- Kim Getgen, CEO InnovationForce

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