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Creative Resolution: Integrative Decision-Making

After Creative Abrasion and Creative Agility comes Creative Resolution. Unlike traditional models where one group dominates decision-making, this approach emphasizes inclusivity, valuing diversity of thought and fostering a richer learning experience.  

Inclusive Decision-Making: Breaking the Dominance Barrier 

Many corporations focus on exclusively giving higher-ups the upper hand in decisions. A key aspect of creative resolution, on the other hand, is its commitment to breaking this dominance barrier. Diverse perspectives are considered, ensuring that decisions reflect the collective wisdom of the entire team rather than the dominance of a few. 

Patience and Inclusion: Nurturing Diversity of Thought 

Dr. Hill explains that patience and inclusion are fundamental for the creative resolution process. Teams that prioritize these qualities allow for a more expansive "diversity of thought," enriching the decision-making landscape. While this type of decision-making may seem slow initially, with practice, it often becomes faster, more effective, and deeply rooted in collective insights. 

InnovationForce and Creative Resolution 

We at InnovationForce strive to give utilities the best opportunities for accomplishing creative resolution. Through the InnovationWorks platform, innovators from all areas of the business are included in the decision making process.  

Want to learn more about how our InnovationWorks platform does this? Book a demo with us or email us at 


Thank you for following our seven part series on Dr. Linda Hill's 'Collective Genius' foundational principles. Have a look at our other blog posts to learn more.


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