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Innovation Expert Jason Wild Joins InnovationForce in Advisory Board Role

RALEIGH, NC Oct 30, 2023 – InnovationForce, the world’s first AI-enabled Ecosystem Relationship Management (ERM) platform for innovation, today announced the addition of industry expert Jason Wild to join the advisory board. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in driving customer-centric innovation strategy, Wild will help InnovationForce scale to its next stage of growth inside and beyond the energy industry vertical.

“In today’s world, innovation cannot be contained inside the four walls of an organization. You must collaborate with everyone and inspire problem solvers working outside your company to solve the challenges you need prioritized. In short, you must activate an ecosystem to drive transformation. Supporting this requires moving beyond traditional customer or partnership management software to solve problems at scale,” said CEO and InnovationForce founder Kim Getgen. “That’s why we are so excited to have Jason Wild join our board of advisors. As a former innovation executive at and Microsoft, Jason understands what it takes to scale the genius of ecosystems.”

Jason Wild is an award-winning innovation, growth, and strategy executive who helps companies transform into ethical and responsible customer-centric organizations. With a passion for innovation, Wild has served as a Board Member for Bryant Park Corporation and has held positions as VP, CEO of Co-Innovation and Customer Engagement at Microsoft, SVP of Transformation and Innovation at Salesforce, Global Director, Innovation at IBM. Leveraging this experience, Wild is currently co-authoring a book with innovation leadership expert and Harvard Business School Professor Linda A. Hill.

“Utilities have deep, complex challenges that they must solve urgently. That’s why I'm so excited about InnovationForce. Their technology is scalable, and they have the ability to rapidly create and activate lasting and truly valuable innovation ecosystems focused on solving big global problems like mitigating climate change," says Jason Wild. “Having led global innovation teams at IBM, Salesforce, and Microsoft over more than 20 years, I’ve built trusted relationships in 38 countries at iconic organizations such as NASA, NATO, Repsol, and Disney. I understand how hard it can be to lead innovation globally and why it is as important as ever to embrace a true culture of innovation. I immediately saw the potential in InnovationForce as an ecosystem relationship management platform and wanted to get involved to help them drive their next stage of growth.”

About InnovationForce

InnovationForce is on a mission to create technology that enables innovators to drive innovation faster. InnovationForce builds AI-enabled workforce and ecosystem collaboration software that measures, automates, scales, and democratizes the innovation process so that anyone can participate in scaling innovation rapidly. Through the use of its patent-pending Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform, innovator ecosystems can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to "Innovate for Good '' to drive industry-wide transformation and solve the world's most complex climate and infrastructure problems. InnovationForce was named a "Most Innovative Company of 2023" by Fast Company; learn more at


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