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Rules of Engagement Part 2: Strategic Thinking 

Innovation is all about collaborating and building engagement. Here it is important to establish norms around behaviors that can accelerate innovative thinking inside your organization. Without these rules, collaborators can often find themselves not agreeing on how to proceed toward solutions.

In the fourth part of Dr. Linda Hill's seven-part series on best practices for innovation culture, we'll delve into the three main rules that shape the thinking process of successful innovators. 

Evidence-Based Thinking 

For the innovation process to be successfully utilized by a team, they need to rely on the results they get from data. While being “data-driven” may seem obvious, think about how often statistics are overlooked or ignored for personal beliefs. For this to be avoided, innovative companies must implement a culture of decision-making backed by metrics and statistics.  

Questioning Everything 

Allowing for questioning and constructive criticism emerges as the second rule of engagement in innovative thinking. In this environment, innovators actively seek out feedback, recognizing that constructive criticism is a valuable tool for refining and enhancing their ideas. Working environments where questioning is part of the culture tend to attract more talented people. In Dr. Hill’s book, ‘Collective Genius’, she writes about the process of constructive criticism at Pixar, which showcases this in action.  

Holistic Thinking 

The third rule of engagement in innovative thinking is thinking holistically. Innovators must consider the broader context when formulating solutions. This holistic approach requires a shift from narrow thinking to a comprehensive view that considers the interconnectedness of various elements for long-term success.  

InnovationForce Implementation 

InnovationForce helps drive engagement and collaboration by measuring these behaviors with data that reveals if your teams are being evidence-based, questioning everything, and driving a holistic point of view. Want to learn more on how InnovationForce we do this? Book a demo with us or email us at

Join us next week as we analyze the aspects and advantages of Creative Abrasion! 



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