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Harnessing a Shared Purpose for Innovation: Insights from Dr. Linda Hill

In the first video of our seven-part series on innovation culture, Dr. Linda Hill, a renowned thought leader in organizational behavior, delves into the crucial role of shared purpose in fostering innovation.  

The Essence of Shared Purpose 

For people to be genuinely willing to innovate, they need to understand and believe in a common goal. It’s about knowing the 'why' behind an organization - why it exists, whom it serves, and who the stakeholders are. This shared purpose is the cornerstone of any successful innovation strategy. It’s not just about the individual or the team, but about the community and the customers they serve. 

Community, Risk-Taking, and Decision-Making


A sense of community, born from this shared purpose, is fundamental. It encourages individuals to take risks for the greater good. Innovation often involves stepping into the unknown, and a strong, shared purpose provides the necessary safety net for such risks. Moreover, when facing tough decisions and trade-offs, which are inevitable in the innovation process, an unified understanding of whom we serve and why guides these critical choices, ensuring they align with the overarching mission. 

InnovationForce’s Implementation 

At InnovationForce, we integrate measurements of shared purpose. To what extent purpose is integrated into the organization, can be measured and managed. Through our platform, we track the health levels of purpose and alignment, affecting the organizational culture of innovation.  

Linda Hill’s first set of insights set the foundational tone for this series, reminding us that at the heart of innovation lies a shared purpose - a purpose that drives, aligns, and unites us in our quest for progress and transformation. 

Follow the series and supercharge your innovation practices!  

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