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InnovationForce as Podcast Guest: Human-Focused Innovation with Zpryme

In this episode of the "Human-Focused Innovation" podcast, from Zpryme, hosted by Dylan Lockwood, Kim Getgen, CEO of InnovationForce, dives into the challenges and strategies of innovation within the utility industry. Kim shares how InnovationForce's SaaS platform helps utilities streamline their innovation processes, ensuring ideas are not just brainstormed but effectively executed, thus speeding up decision-making by up to 85%.

Throughout the discussion, Kim emphasizes the importance of building innovative, high-performing teams and fostering a learning culture that captures and leverages insights to propel the industry forward.

Tune in to hear how structured, data-driven innovation can transform utility management and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving sector.

Listen now for a deeper understanding of transforming energy innovation with Kim Getgen!

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