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Kim Getgen on 'With Great Power' Podcast

How to 'fail fast' as utility innovators

How InnovationForce is Pioneering "Fail Fast" in the Utility Industry

In the risk-averse utility sector, innovation can be a challenge. Kim Getgen, founder of InnovationForce, believes that a "fail fast" approach is essential for success. On the "With Great Power" podcast, she shared how we at InnovationForce are transforming innovation in the energy sector.

The Birth of InnovationForce

InnovationForce, founded in 2021 by Kim Getgen, aims to create a safe space for engineers and intrapreneurs to develop and test new ideas. Inspired by her father, a pipefitter whose ideas were often ignored, Getgen recognized the systemic issues that stifle innovation.

"It’s a process problem, not a me problem."

Kim Getgen

The InnovationForce Solution

InnovationForce uses AI to manage and accelerate the innovation process. Co-founded with Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill, the platform integrates research and real-world data. The leadership model, called creative abrasion, encourages diverse viewpoints and constructive debate, fostering collaboration.

By leveraging AI and peer reviews, InnovationForce ensures fair evaluation of ideas, creating a safe environment for engineers to challenge and refine concepts collaboratively.

Real-World Success

Portland General Electric (PGE), InnovationForce's first customer, exemplifies the platform's effectiveness. Allegra Hodges, PGE's head of strategic innovation, reported a 65% acceleration in their innovation process, vetting over 150 pilot candidates. This allowed PGE to implement new technologies faster and more efficiently.

Common Pitfalls Addressed

InnovationForce tackles seven common mistakes that hinder pilots:

1. Lack of resources or approvals

2. Siloed piloting

3. Incompletion

4. Poor knowledge sharing

5. Undefined test plans

6. Unclear challenge statements

7. Lack of urgency

By addressing these issues, InnovationForce helps utilities streamline their innovation processes for quicker, more effective outcomes.

Expanding Impact

InnovationForce's reach continues to grow. Recently, the Centre for Energy Advancement Through Innovation made the platform available to its network of over 150 utility organizations. As more utilities adopt the platform, its dataset and insights will expand, enhancing its effectiveness.

Kim Getgen hopes to empower everyone within an organization, from lineworkers to customer service representatives, to contribute to the innovation process. By democratizing idea generation and fostering a culture of safe experimentation, InnovationForce is revolutionizing the utility sector.

For more insights from Kim Getgen, listen to her full interview on the "With Great Power" podcast, season 3, whereever you listen to your podcasts.

Feel ready to book a demo with InnovationForce? Book a meeting with Kim Getgen here.


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