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The Four Shared Values of an Innovative Organization - Insights from Dr. Linda Hill 

Creating an environment with clear shared values is the foundation for a culture of innovation. In the second video of this seven-part series, explore the four shared values — Boldness, Collaboration, Responsibility, and Learning — each essential to forming a cohesive organization. 

Bold Ambition 

The first guiding principle is bold ambition. Talent wants to be stretched and focused on truly challenging problems and opportunities, where new and useful solutions are required. If the organization is not pursuing a bold mission – why should the innovator bother to innovate?  


Many talk about the importance of collaboration, but truly innovative companies build it deliberately into the way they work. Innovation at core is working together to get stuff done. 


This value centers on the deep sense of obligation to the ecosystem as a whole and to one another. People thrive when they understand the link between the shared purpose of the organization and the individual’s ability to contribute to that.  


Innovative organizations are focused on learning; the fourth needed, shared value. Continual learning through experimentation is essential for a thriving innovation culture. 

InnovationForce and the Four Shared Values 

Implementing these four values requires strategy, and an understanding of the current presence of said values in the organization. At InnovationForce, we built a platform putting cultural development into metrics surrounding the innovation process. Want to learn more about us? Look at our website,, and book a demo with us at  

Dr. Linda Hill’s second set of insights sets clear direction for which values to implement and grow in your organization, to achieve a thriving innovation practice.  

Follow the series and grow your innovation skillset! 


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