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Weekly Tip from The Hangar: Signing Up & Creating a Profile

Another week, another Hangar Tip!

Want to get your team and industry colleagues on the platform? Share this tutorial on how to sign up, or show them the video version here. Together, you can identify and share challenges to discuss, find inspiration for the next grid investment project, and so much more through The Hangar's simple, interactive format. In the next upgrade of the platform, you'll be able to collaborate on boards, creating your own internal ecosystem of idea development.

Let's jump into it!

  • From the homepage of The Hangar, press 'Sign Up', which will trigger a new account.

  • Fill in your details.

  • Complete the reCaptcha - a safety feature to ensure the account is not a bot.

  • Tick the box confirming your agreement with the InnovationWorks Terms and Conditions. Use the link provided to read the terms.

  • You'll be logged right into the system. You will see a pop up asking you to verify your email. This does not need to be done right away, but will have to be completed to continue using the platform.

  • To edit profile, access it from the main screen.

  • Here you'll be able to add more information, like company name, title, bio and wether you represent a solution provider or utility. In a later version of the platform, this will be visible to other users.

Looking forward to seeing you and your team on the platform - happy innovating, and happy collaborating!

Feel free to contact us at with your questions, we are here to help.


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