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A Weekly Tip from The Hangar: How to Create Boards and Save Test Flights

With over 300 Test Flights and growing, you may want an easy way to organize and categorize Test Flights (challenges with solutions) while exploring The Hangar! Creating a "Board" will give you the ability to organize Test Flights by topics of interest and 'Pin' Test Flights into these Boards for later use. To create a Board, follow these steps:

  • Log in, and choose 'Saved Test Flight.'

  • Press 'Create Board.'

  • Write your chosen name for the Board, and press 'Save.' We suggest creating a name that represents the category grouping for your Test Flight such as: "Transmission", "EV", "Nuclear", or even by departments like, "Grid Mod", or "HR". Perhaps you might like to save ideas to Boards by customer name (for example Solution Providers that have multiple utility customers). It's really up to you, so let the fun begin!

  • Click on the InnovationWorks logo on the top left to navigate to the front page.

  • Choose and press on a Test Flight to explore.

  • To save the Test Flight, press 'Save Test Flight.'

  • Choose the board you wish to save it to, and press 'Save changes.'

  • Press 'Back To Test Flight Previous Page' to return to the home page.

  • To find your saved test flight, press your profile icon, go to 'My Profile,' and choose 'Saved Test Flights.' You can now find the saved Test Flights under the board you saved it to.

Want to see a video version of this process? Have a look here, shown from the screen of a phone.

Enjoy exploring and happy innovating! Feel free to contact us at with your questions! We are here to help.


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