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Creative Abrasion: the Friction of Innovation

In the dynamic landscape of innovation, where the clash of ideas fuels progress, creative abrasion is essential. Rooted in collaborative thinking, this process holds the essence of diverse inclusion, and the transformative power of healthy conflict within innovative environments.  

The Power of Collaboration through Debate and Discourse 

Creative Abrasion is the capability within innovative organizations that embrace friction, debate, and conflicting viewpoints as catalysts for progress. It represents a marketplace of ideas where individuals actively listen to diverse perspectives while passionately advocating for their own opinions. In essence, creative abrasion is about a culture of support and confrontation for each other's ideas.  

The Minority Voice 

While innovation thrives on diverse perspectives, fostering an environment where the minority voice is not only heard but respected creates a psychological safety net for all innovators. While it is important to hear the minority voice, this does not always mean that the minority’s opinion on the solution needs to be the focus.  

InnovationForce Implementation - The Only Innovation Management Platform that Measure Creative Abrasion 

InnovationForce helps drive engagement and collaboration by measuring Creative Abrasion and the creation of psychological safe spaces to hold this type of healthy debate. Want to learn more about how our InnovationWorks platform does this? Book a demo with us or email us at 

Join us next week as we explore how to grow creative agility in your innovative team! 


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