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Weekly Tip from The Hangar: How to Filter and Search for Test Flights

By the end of the month, we will be on track to have over 500 Test Flights in the Hangar! As the Hangar continues to grow, utilizing filter and search functions will allow you to target your exploration and ecosystem engagement. You can always scroll through Test Flights on the home page, but using these tools will help you find exactly what you need, when you need it. Pair the filter and search functions with your personal Test Flight Boards, as shown in last week's tip, and you have a personal database of innovation cases!

To use filters and search, follow these steps:

  • Log in. If you press 'The Hangar' logo, you navigate to the Home Screen. Alternatively, you can do the next step from your profile page.

  • Click the 'Filter' button to be presented with all categories available. Under each main category, you can find sub-categories. Choose your main and/or sub-categories, then press 'Submit.' You will be presented with Test Flights only under chosen categories.

  • If you want to return to a home page with no filters, simply navigate to the filter overview, and untick all filters. Then press 'Submit.'

  • To use the search function, click on the search bar, and type in the keyword or keywords you are looking for. Test Flights which contains the word in any part of the Pin, will appear. This way, you can target your search narrowly.

  • To navigate back to an unfiltered home page, press the 'X' in the search bar input field, and press 'Search.'

Want to see a video version of this process? Have a look here, shown from the screen of a phone.

Enjoy exploring and happy innovating! Feel free to contact us at with your questions, we are here to help.


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