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Weekly Tip from The Hangar: What are Verification Badges?

Welcome back to another week of insights into The Hangar! When looking through the many Test Flights in The Hangar, you will occasionally see the blue badge with the InnovationForce logo at the bottom of the photo. This badge means that there is a project planned, budgeted and/or active at a utility to solve the challenge featured within the Test Flight. Within the Test Flight itself, you'll see the source from which the Test Flight has been created. This doesn't mean this is the ONLY project in the industry, simply the one that earned the Test Flight its verification badge. Below, you can see an example of a Test Flight from the DOE GRIP projects.

The goal of the verification badge is to give you insight into which organizations are looking for what type of solutions. If you are interested in a specific utility or source, you can create a source specific board, and save the Test Flights of interest onto the board.

Want to see a video version of this process? Have a look here, shown from the screen of a phone.

Enjoy exploring new projects, and happy innovating! If you have any questions, contact us at, we are here to help.

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