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Weekly Tip from The Hangar: How to Save The Hangar as an App (iOS)

Want to access The Hangar as easily as your other go-to apps? You can save the website as an app icon on your phone, allowing you direct access, skipping web browsers and search functions.

We've already covered how to create Boards for Test Flights and how to use Filters and Search. Add these functions together, and you are on track to become an innovation insight expert.

To save The Hangar on your Home Screen, follow these steps:

  • Log in on your mobile device. In this case, we are looking at iPhones/iOS.

  • Click the 'Share' button to be presented with all categories available.

  • Choose 'Add to Home Screen'

  • Write in your preferred app name. We recommend changing it to 'The Hangar'.

  • Once you have changed the name, press 'Add,' to add to Home Screen.

  • Now you have 'The Hangar' on your Home Screen, ready for your use!

Want to see a video version of this process? Have a look here!

Now that you have The Hangar so accessible, you can easily connect with the industry consistently. Happy innovating!

Feel free to contact us at with your questions, we are here to help.


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